Coming Up for Air


While this is posted publicly, this status page is primarily intended for me to keep track of my many irons in the fire. Without further ado, then:

Currently (mostly) Active

Cub Tracker

  • Group replication

  • Rewrite in Kotlin

NetBeans Awestruct Plugin

  • Slim/HAML support. Keep an eye on jTilt/Tiltj

  • Flesh out NetBake, the standalone wrapper for the plugin

  • New file assumes a blog post

  • New files aren’t shown in the project view. Fix file list refreshing.

(Mostly) Inactive


  • Learn more about the language

  • Implement something interesting

  • Learn more about the async IO support

Blog Fodder

  • Implement something. Anything. :P


  • Fix MediaPlayer/song model binding Converted to NetBeans Application app


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