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Android at the OKC JUG

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Today, I presented basic Android development at the Oklahoma City JUG. In the presentation, we walked through a very simple (and very ugly) note-taking application. The app allows the user to list, view, add, edit, and delete notes. There are no bells and whistles in the app, as I was trying to find something that is non-trivial enough to be interesting, yet no so complex that the audience gets lost in all the details. Overall, I think I succeeded there, though I guess the evaluation slips should tell me how far off I really was. :)

As I said at the start of the talk, it’s not a pretty app, and I likely violate many of the best practices the Google and other experts suggest, but it’s a functional app and, for that reason alone, I think, a decent start. I’ve pushed the sources to GitHub so anyone can take a look at it, fork it, etc. As time permits, I hope to clean the code up some, and add, via comments, some of the discussion we had in the talk itself. That will likely make the code a bit more valuable and interesting.

Thanks to all who attended, especially those who shouted out hints for things I broke. :P

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